I have recently been having a couple of coaching sessions with Tomek. The sessions spanned from November to December 2020 and I must admit they streamlined my progress in the areas I needed to concentrate on at that time. We worked on things regarding occupation change, my company matters, finding a new flat (and subsequent move to a new location) and getting driving licence qualifications - all these changes were taking place at once in my life at that time and in just 6 sessions with Tomek I have been able to make significant progress in these areas sorting them out completely or nearly completely due to reasons beyond my control: COVID. Thanks to the coaching sessions I have also managed to sort out many other minor and related topics that appeared along the way. I think this is impressive progress in a very short time (2 months) and therefore I would strongly recommend Tomek's services to anyone that needs to go through changes requiring a lot of focus, good planning, and preparation. Amazing job, Tomek! I would not have done a fraction of this without the coaching sessions with you!


I would like to thank Tomek a lot for the three coaching sessions we had together. It really helped me to look deeper inside myself, to understand better my desires and my fears, to find my own motivation to move. Our mind is so much complicated and diverse that sometimes we don't clearly understand ourselves and sometimes we get stocked without the proper understanding of where we go. I believe that coaching can help with this and start some deep internal processes that will move us to our true desires. Tomek help on this way was really professional - soft but dedicated, and he's also very bright and nice person to deal with, so I really appreciated the experience working with him and can highly recommend Tomek to anyone who wants to improve his life.