Men’s coaching

Supporting men in their journey towards being an integrated men.

"Integrated Man - Online 6 Weeks Men's Group": TBC

- 6 weekly 3h long online sessions (Wednesdays 18:00 - 21:00 GMT+1)

-1x 90 min long 1on1 coaching with Tomasz, certified men's coach

-small group setting, only 8 participants

-Price 200 euro

To register and ask me any questions about the programme, please write to me

This group is for men who are willing to take their journey as a men to a new level, to become more integrated men.

An Integrated man is a man who is conscious about his needs, passions, potential, masculinity, sexuality and creates fulfilling life for him and his close ones.

On the way to become integrated man you may struggle with:

- connection with other men

- connection with your masculinity

- fulfilling relationships with people

-a "Nice Guy" syndrome and you want to break free from it, take a "Nice Guy" quiz to find out if you struggle with it

- passion in sex life

- setting healthy boundaries in relationships

- satisfaction with your career

-mission /purpose in life

During this programme we will create a men's group/tribe who will go trough 6 weeks together supporting each other, challenging each other and holding space for each other. In this group all men will have safe space to be themselves, vulnerable and open to discuss any topics that will be brought to the space. Usually after programme groups continue to meet each other, which is a great way to build strong support group in future.

To enhance individual outcome of the programme participants will have 1on1 coaching with Tomasz, be given homework to do, we will also use social media to stay in touch in between calls.

Group will be facilitated by men’s coach. All meeting will start with activity to tune us into the space of the group (meditation, breathwork etc). Then we will have a time to meet each other and check-in with everybody. After that we will open the space for discussion about individual goals of the participants or any other topic that will be come up.

The aim of the group is to support each other, challenge each other and share best practices in creating our best version of being an Integrated Man.

This programme is open to all men, no matter what are their sexual orientations or religion.

Some testimonials from the previous programme:

"(...)One of the most powerful elements of the programme is the supportive nature of the group, sharing experiences, encouraging each other to be vulnerable and to explore topics that we might not be comfortable discussing with friends or family.(...)"

"(...)The key point for me was 1-to-1 coaching with Tomasz. We worked on my chosen subject which was also my main intention for the whole workshop. After 90 minutes coaching I finally got to the point of understanding my problem and actually solving it. I'm very grateful for that as I did not expected this to come so easily. (...)"

"(...)It has been a genuinely valuable experience which I cannot recommend highly enough.”

Let's create something great together!